Business Automation

Business Automation (also known as “Business Process Automation” or “BPA”) systematically replaces manual processes with intelligent rules-driven automation, just-in-time analytics, and open collaboration. Often this is achieved with business automation tools.

Automate your Business with Intelligent Software

By automating manual business processes, significant benefits can be realized:

  • Greater Productivity
  • Better Customer Service
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Improved Accuracy
  • Full Audibility and Tracking
  • Improved Job Satisfaction


If you are a freelancer, a manager or even a startup owner, then you likely use web apps such as Gmail, Dropbox, Slack, Trello, Airtable, and so on, on a daily basis. At times, SaaS founders find themselves utilizing 30+ apps on the same day. And that’s inconvenient, repetitive, and it can become time-consuming (REALLY FAST) even before your company or client base starts growing.

So that’s where Zapier steps in.

If you are trying to grow your agency, startup, or even independent client network, you don’t want to deal with dull, menial, time-consuming work. Work such as organizing files into folders after receiving them from different sources, or even setting calendar event reminders.

Instead, your mental and physical energy could be better spent on something more meaningful. Like drafting up strategy plans or networking with prospective employees, clients, etc.
This way, Zapier will focus on automating your business workflows. Whereas you can focus on GROWTH!

Now the problem is same you will have to spend time to learn these processes and flows, DON’T WORRY Webgator is here to help you, Just give us the name of applications you use, and we will setup the best possible automation which will save your time and money and ofcourse the error free process.

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